The 5 Success Factors for the
Food Manufacturer of the Future:

Workforce Development

With changing technology and current workforce trends, we will help you establish the workforce of the future. Adapting to new technology skills and a culture that empowers and inspires people to do their best work – to embrace new technologies, communicate, collaborate and solve problems.

Adapting New Technologies

Advances in new technologies represent manufacturers significant opportunities and challenges to adapt. We will help your organization understand and identify the right technologies for your organization: Drones, Smart or precision agriculture, High-tech packaging, Smarter waste disposal and recycling.

Production Efficiency

The food and beverage manufacturing industry is known for its high volume/low margin characteristics which doesn’t fit too well with rapidly increasing input costs. We will help you increase processing productivity, optimize equipment reliability, improve safety, optimize inventory control and decrease waste.

An Entire Supply Chain Management

Food and beverage manufacturers that succeed in the future will be the ones that effectively manage relationships and optimize channels with both consumers and suppliers. We will help you optimize the entire supply chain to remain ahead of rising costs and a turbulent supply chain environment.

Adapting to Government Regulations

An organization needs to be fast and flexible to incorporate new regulations. Leading to a small but substantial window of opportunity to adapt faster than competitors. Since the burden falls on manufacturers to ensure quality and safety, we help organizations adapt with agile and lean processes to ensure compliance along with managing performance.

Our Services

A cornerstone of our mission is to prepare the organization and its executive team in delivering a model lean enterprise

Business Strategy

Corporate Strategy and Strategic Planning, Policy Deployment/Hoshin Kanri, Business Process, Growth and Innovation, Organizational Design, Mergers and Acquisitions, Digital Strategy

Lean Enterprise Transformation

Value Stream Improvement Architecture, Leadership and Team Development, Lean Management System, Daily Improvement Structure

Training and Development

Lean/Six Sigma Workshops, 5s Lean Manufacturing, Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), Pull Systems and Kanban, Leadership Development Program, Change Management, Leader Standard Work

Organizational Development

Assess the Organizational Structure, Create Organizational Plan Aligned with Strategy and Human Development Needs. Implementing Organizational Structure, Leadership Development Program, Change Management Process

Supply Chain Management

Customer Relationship Management, Customer Service Management, Demand Management, Order Fulfillment, Manufacturing Flow, Procurement, Product Development and Commercialization

MRO Optimization

Total Productive Maintenance, Inventory Optimization, Maintenance Excellence, Autonomous Maintenance

With over 35 Years in Leading Organizations in their Lean Enterprise Transformation...

…we have helped our clients in the food and beverage industry overcome chronic challenges such as: lead-time attainment, equipment and process reliability, quality issues, low customer service levels, high safety incident rates and low employee morale. With our coaching and guidance, you will achieve a streamlined production system, employee safety targets with higher levels of employee morale, targeted levels of customer satisfaction, double digit improvements in productivity and quality, industry leading lead-times and higher inventory turns.

Companies that are not able to successfully steer their way through change lose market competitiveness and the critical connection with their team members

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