In the face of the Corona Virus (COVID-19), what can an organization do beat the pandemic battle?​

In healthcare, long-term solutions to address hospital capacity strain have been a key component of the organization’s strategic objectives. They involve reducing demand for hospital care by improving preventative medicine, primary care and home care, and increasing capacity in hospitals as well as long-term care facilities.

In industrial settings, parallel solutions to improve capacity are taking place to address the critical demand for medical-related supplies, medical equipment, key food production, and other deemed critical products.

These solutions will likely take months and years to implement and are crucial to long-term sustainability of the health system and manufacturing industries – but they do little to address a potential surge of hospital patients in the coming weeks as well as the immediate needs for these critical products.

What can be done in the short term?

For healthcare practices such as hospitals as well as manufacturing companies, creating immediate capacity while optimizing costs is critical for the survival of the organization and winning the battle against this global pandemic. Equally important to the creation of capacity, is the development of processes that can support this increase in demand while maintaining the health and reducing the overburdening of the team members.

Whether it is in the form of increasing patient capacity in a hospital or increasing capacity for manufacturing of medical beds, for over 30 years LNA has been in the forefront of leading organizations in their quest to drive immediate and long-term sustainable results.

How we can help.

LNA has a highly experienced team of experts and an industry leading client support model to rapidly assist organizations to deliver the capacity and business processes required to combat this pandemic while optimizing your costs, quality and the safety of your entire team. We have also created partnerships with industry leading experts in healthcare and other key industries covering Europe, LATAM, Asia and North America that enables us to provide companies the ideal team anywhere in the globe.