Transformative Improvement in the Automotive Industry

When so much depends on finding efficiencies and maximizing production, we harness your unique potential using proven lean manufacturing tactics and our individualized True North Delivery® approach.

Driving your Successful Future

Today we are experiencing a Transformation of the industrial domain affecting industrial companies representing two thirds of global GDP. Companies must be visionary in understanding what is required of them to survive and what is a must to remain or become a leader in their industry. This requires industrial organization to reinvent their operating models, products, production and value chains. This profound shift must be dealt with an organization that is visionary, agile, embracive of technology and with an emphasis for development of their people.

Using lean techniques and a collaborative approach that inspires your team to continue improving, we transform your enterprise into one that is more profitable and ready to adapt to the industry’s changing demands. By developing a deep understanding of your business, we find ways to cut waste and boost efficiencies within every part of your organization.

When realized, our strategies result in higher employee morale, double-digit productivity improvements, shortened lead times, increased inventory turnover, and higher quality products – to say nothing of larger profits.

We bring years of expertise in automotive process improvement to develop strategic & organizational plans that maximize your capabilities.

Improve Lead Times

Reduction in lead-times translates into market growth. Orders are filled more quickly, resulting in faster delivery and improved inventory turnover.

Increased Equipment Uptime

Less equipment maintenance means higher productivity, less inventory, better quality and shorter lead times.

Higher Product Quality

As quality improves, consumer trust deepens, employee morale goes up and margins are increased.