Our Approach

Our team of consultants at LNA have been leading organizations around the world in their quest for enterprise transformation and operational excellence.

The Leading North Way

Leading North Advisors’ True North Delivery ® Model is a unique and proven approach to achieve successful enterprise transformation. We take enterprise transformation to the next horizon by combining our 30 years of Lean Enterprise Transformation experience and 25 years of Information Technology expertise and creating IoT solutions to drive the next horizon of operational effectiveness.

Our Keys to Success


Clarity in the assessment and understanding of your needs


Alignment of deliverables with your business strategy and objectives


Leadership education and engagement


Process architecture and operating system to deliver sustainable targeted results


Transfer of knowledge and development of your organization

Our Approach

Strategy Execution

Enterprise aspects such as culture, organization, processes, governance, and tools can vary from industry to industry and can all have an impact on the success of a business strategy. Our job is to help your business navigate the challenging process of turning ideas into reality and validating them for success

Business Performance

Increasing business performance can be complex and full of unknowns. To succeed it demands insight, analysis, and optimization across all business units and functions. LNA can help you improve enterprise efficiency, boost operational effectiveness, and reduce costs. We can help your team become catalysts of impactful change

Managing Change

We know that change management requires a holistic, data-driven, proactive and structured approach that addresses people risks. We can help you analyze your organization’s risk and readiness whether is small or large-scale change; design and execute a communication strategy; prepare the leadership; and design targeted workforce transition programs. We support the full life cycle of change process, ensuring effective enterprise transition and sustainable capture of your business objectives

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence allows the enterprise to shift focus away from just the efficient delivery of data – a technology-driven, simplistic approach – to an intelligent business model – a strategic approach that selects and draws value from financial and operational data, converting it to key information allowing for accurate business decisions