We apply our lean manufacturing tactics to your construction firm and help you realize the full potential of your projects and job sites.

Model Business Plans for Model Structures

We optimize your processes off-site and on-site, minimizing waste and maximizing profit.
LNA’s True North Delivery® system has been applied to many construction clients throughout our history. We’ll be able to improve the efficacy of your off-site processes, from simpler and cheaper material sourcing, transportation and delivery to more creative project conceptualization. Our system also works on-site as well, improving build times, reducing wasted materials and messes on job sites, and reducing the time it takes to get your projects to market. Our system will see an improvement in all investments, as well as a continuous improvement culture that sees innovation continue well after we’re done, along with more revenue.

Laying a Strategic Foundation

LNA will develop a strategic plan that gives you an advantage against your competition, improving your business model and your revenue streams while cutting costs.

Daily Improvement, Off-Site and On-Site

In your personalized strategic plan from LNA, we include the means to create a continuous improvement culture that will motivate your employees to develop innovation and further improve your enterprise.

Paving the Way for the Future

LNA’s consultants will advise your executive team to ensure that the changes and plans we help implement are able to contribute to your company’s future successes and innovations.