Develop Your Leaders Into Catalysts of Impactful Change

We coach the different levels of management to become true leaders of change, performance and people development

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“Committed and trained senior leadership, without question, is the  key component in successfully transforming an organization through Lean initiatives.” – George Koenigsaecker, Author of  Leading the Lean Enterprise Transformation

Leadership Training Programs Designed for:

Team Leaders, Supervisors, Middle Managers, Executive / Senior Leaders, Aspiring Leaders

Results don’t mean much to us if they are not delivered through your people. Since our humble beginnings in the San Francisco Bay Area, our mission at Leading North Advisors has been to provide continuous improvement and people development coaching by transferring knowledge and helping our clients improve their top and bottom line.

The Benefit

We provide a leadership training program for your executive leadership, senior leadership, front-line leadership, and operational excellence teams to ensure your enterprise is self-guided and successful. Your staff is also coached and encouraged at all levels and given the tools to become agents of change within your organization.


Our Leadership Training Paths

(Paths Designed by Leadership Position)

Path 1

The Foundational

1. Introduction to Lean
2. Value Add and the 8 Wastes
3. Introduction to Standard Work
4. 5-Why's
5. Introduction to 5s + Safety
6. Quality at the Source
7. Employee Engagement
8. What is Daily Improvement
9. High Performance Teamwork
10. Communication Flow

Path 2

Practitioner Leadership

1. Operational Excellence
2. 5s + Safety
3. Standard Work
4. Improving Process Flow
5. Practical Problem Solving
6. Sustaining Results: Daily Improvement
7. Employee Engagement
8. Communication Excellence
9. Conflict Resolution
10. Managing Change

Path 3

Advanced Leadership

1. Value Stream Analysis
2. Flow Cell Development
3. Advanced Problem Solving
4. A3 Thinking
5. Total Productive Maintenance
6. Gemba Walks
8. The Servant Leader
9. Leading High Performance Teams
10. Leader Standard Work

Path 4

Executive Leadership

1. Leading the Transformation
2. The Guiding Coalition: Steering Team and the Mission Control Room
3. Strategy Deployment
4. Value Stream Management
5. Organizational Development
6. Strategic Planning

Leadership Certification Paths

Path 1: The Fundamentals: Team Members and All Other Participants

Path 2: Practitioner Leadership: Aspiring and Current Front-Line Leaders

Path 3: Advanced Leadership: Architecting and Leading the Value Stream Improvement

Path 4: Executive Leadership: Leading the Lean Enterprise Transformation

In addition to supporting Global 500 organizations, major regional and local companies, non-profits, and private equity firms, our team of consultants have held executive-level positions including C-Suite, VP’s, and GMs. 

As a result, our unique approach to leadership training will allow your organization to leverage the true benefit with people, focusing on breakthrough levels of performance and significantly improving your customer value proposition. 

Features of Our Leadership Training Program

The leadership training program that seamlessly integrates essential interpersonal skills with lean/ continuous improvement concepts

"LNA’s Leadership training program is highly interactive and thought provoking. It challenges the way you think, behaves and problem solve. It inspires you to work in collaboration and influence those around you to achieve a common goal. It teaches you how to see waste, and variability and how to eliminate it. It guides you through the process of choosing SMART KPIs and how to sustain results. You are empowered with a roadmap, key, and fuel that ignites you to drive in the direction of your true North.”
IQF Maria Mariscal
Value Stream Leader