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In today’s POST-COVID environment, the Construction Industry is faced with highly unique challenges and opportunities that are critical to understand and take into consideration when embarking or expanding your lean enterprise transformation efforts.

Our consultants are uniquely skilled at not only identifying areas for improvement within an organization, but also putting those changes into action in the way that works best for your individual business.

Our methods clear the way for innovation, so you can develop and deploy even better products and services. Working as a true partner, Leading North Advisors will help you create a more sustainable organization, maximize the effectiveness of your operations and meet the needs of your employees.

Why Leading North Advisors?

We listen and teach at all levels : Empower your staff to become agents of change

Our enterprise lean transformation model delivers continuous improvement while transforming your organization’s culture. Each member of your staff is empowered to become an agent of change within your organization.

We achieve leaner, more profitable & safer operations

From facility design to workflow optimization and new product development, we teach the team to learn to see waste in their environment and a hands-on approach to eliminate the waste by engaging them in the architecture of the new process. We teach the leadership how to manage change and address the paradigms in the organization

We deliver sustained growth & expansion with sustainable bottom line results

Many businesses try lean methods in fits and starts, which is not sustainable. We set you up for real, scalable growth with a clear and practical roadmap. Our Daily Improvement Model is critical for the successful sustainment of your improvements and managing change.

We transfer our knowledge to your team & create a proven Operational Excellence infrastructure

We create systems for Lean Management and Operational Excellence that quickly becomes your own and are fully led and own by your internal CI and Leadership team.

Let us develop a tailored lean enterprise transformation
plan to drive and sustain your business objectives
across your organization!