Lean Enterprise Transformation

Enable the Organization to Sustainably Deliver More Value to Your Customers Through a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Find your True North and start building the DNA for Continuous Improvement, breakthrough thinking and execution.

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What We Deliver:

Productivity Improvement

by eliminating the waste in the processes and engaging your team members

  • 50% Improvement in Equipment Capacity
  • Double Digit Improvement Labor Productivity
  • Reduce Set Ups by 75%
  • Improvements in COGS by Double Digits
  • Double Digit Improvements in EBITAD

Quality Improvement

by eliminating the waste in the processes and engaging your team members

  • 50% Reduction in Material Losses
  • 75% Reduction in Scrap Material
  • Quality at the Source Culture
  • Establishment of a Problem Solving Culture


achieve consistent levels of your customer lead-times

  • Lead-time Reductions of 50%
  • Small Lot/One-Piece Flow Manufacturing to Minimize Losses and Obsolesce and Provide Flexibility to Changes in Customer Demand
  • Supply Chain Optimization in Partnership with Suppliers and Customers
  • Establish Pull/Kanban Systems and Eliminate Excess Inventories Across the Enterprise


create a culture of safety and employee engagement across the enterprise

  • Achieve Consistent Zero Days of No LTA
  • High Levels of Employee Morale and Engagement Through the Participation of Improvement Initiatives and People Development
  • Alignment with EPA, FDA and OSHA Standards and Requirements.

The first step for senior leaders in implementing a lean enterprise transformation is:

Learning To "See" Enterprise Waste

Our Services

A cornerstone of our mission is to prepare the organization and its executive team in delivering a model lean enterprise.

Business Strategy

Corporate Strategy and Strategic Planning, Policy Deployment/Hoshin Kanri, Growth and Innovation, Organizational Design, Mergers and Acquisitions, Digital Strategy

Lean Enterprise Transformation

Value Stream Improvement Architecture, Leadership and Team Development Roadmap, Daily Improvement Structure.

Training and Development

Lean/Six Sigma Workshops, 5s, Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), Pull Systems and Kanban, Leadership Development Program, Change Management, Leader Standard Work

Organizational Development

Assess the Organizational Structure, Develop an Organizational Plan aligned with Strategy and Human Development Needs, Implementing Organizational Structure, Leadership Development Program, Coach and Change Management Process

Supply Chain Management

Pull Systems/Kanban, Cycle Count Management, Single vs. Multi Echelon Inventory Optimization, Master Planning & Scheduling

MRO Optimization

Total Productive Maintenance, Inventory Optimization, Maintenance Excellence, Autonomous Maintainance.

With over 30 Years in Leading Organizations in their Lean Enterprise Transformation...

Our consultants are uniquely skilled at identifying areas for improvement within your organization, teaching the leadership to see the waste, and leading it to achieve its True North metrics (Human Development, Quality, Delivery, Cost). You are not going to have someone who simply comes in, hands you concepts, then walks away. You are going to have someone by your side, every step of the way, guiding you through your continuous improvement journey.

Transforming Your Business

Our goal is to provide lean enterprise transformation strategies and methods that focus on achieving sustained improvements while transforming the culture of the organization.

We leverage the true benefit with people, focusing on breakthrough levels of performance and significantly improving your customer value proposition. Few organizations achieve the success of delivering a lean enterprise transformation. At LNA, the cornerstone of our mission is to prepare the organization and its executive team in delivering a model lean enterprise.

Our Transformation Model 5 Key Concepts

Lean Enterprise Transformation Strategy

Creating the Enterprise Lean Infrastructure

Leadership and Team Member Development Road Map

Value Stream Improvement Architecture

Daily Improvement Structure

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