The healthcare industry faces more challenges than ever.

From navigating the changing insurance markets to expanding patient groups and surviving mergers and acquisitions, health care providers handle more than ever – all on top of maintaining world-class standards of care.

Leading North Advisors understands the unique challenges in the healthcare industry, and has a proven record of finding efficiencies, workflows, and revenue solutions to keep hospitals, clinics, and medical practices performing at their peak potential.


Improved Patient Wait Times

Our methods increase your level of patient care with streamlined systems that decrease wait times.



More Collections & On-Time Payments

We evaluate your Revenue Cycle to improve billing practices and increase collections and payments.



Decreased Denials From Insurance

Denials are costly to both patients and hospitals. We work to minimize errors and reduce denials.


We develop strategic and organizational development plans for health systems that benefit both patients and providers.

From triage to treatment through billing and collections, we examine the entire process and engage your staff working on the front lines in developing working solutions that improve patient safety and quality of care.

When optimized systems are put in place, physician engagement and morale increases, as does their ability care for patients and provide better outcomes. Wait times drop and patients are more satisfied with their treatment. And health care providers discover a more stable bottom line – increasing collections, decreasing denials, and ensuring profitability in a changing healthcare market.




Results achieved by LNA:
  • Established a Daily Improvement Culture
  • ROI of 10x
  • Revenue Cycle 12 mo impact of $12M
  • Double digit productivity improvement year over year
  • Strategy Development and Deployment
    In collaboration with company leadership, we develop and implement strategic plans to achieve your operational goals, streamline processes, and maximize patient care levels.

  • Executive Coaching & Daily Improvement Coaching
    We work to instill a culture of improvement within your company. Our coaches work with executives, team leadership, and healthcare staff to help your team become more effective leaders and agents of change.
    Our deliverable is a culture of daily improvement where your teams own the improvement process and not only sustain the improvements, but rather grow the improvements in your metrics by double digits year over year.

  • Revenue Cycle Improvement
    Remaining profitable is no easy task. Our analysts identify areas for financial improvement in your health systems and provide solutions that ensure financial stability.  

  • Lean Enterprise Transformation Consulting
    We facilitate the development of individualized improvement programs for your enterprise. By working with Senior Leadership, we create a Lean Management System that is easily adopted and led by your leadership team and owned by the organization. Your Lean Management System becomes the vehicle to achieve your organizational objectives.

  • Organizational Development
    We help companies and their leaders navigate the changing healthcare environment and remain competitive while preserving a solid connection with your nurses, staff, and patients.


  • Mergers and Acquisitions Services
    We support your healthcare enterprise and your staff to ensure a seamless transition throughout the entire merger and acquisition process.

  • Revenue Cycle Services
    Ensuring your continued profitability is our number one goal. Our experts will evaluate your Revenue Cycle and compare your health system data to industry targets to find efficiencies in billing, collections, operational expenses, and supply management.

  • Clinical and Process Planning: 2P
    2P events are collaborative exercises that bring together all stakeholders in your health delivery system. Working with leadership and your staff, we model operations within your facility to uncover improvements in workflow, floorplans, patient care delivery, and supply management.