A streamlined production process is key to maintaining fresh stock, high quality products, and happy consumers.

We help food & beverage manufacturers run more efficiently and produce better quality products by introducing lean principles to your production process.

Under the guidance of our food & beverage production experts, we can implement strategic and organizational development plans that improve equipment uptime, boost product quality, and dramatically shorten your lead time so you can enjoy maximum inventory turn with minimal waste.


Higher Product QualitY

Higher quality products builds trust, brand loyalty, and customer satisfaction.


More Equipment Uptime

When equipment runs smoothly, you can produce more in less time.


Improved Lead Times

Shorten lead times as part of your growth strategy. Orders can be filled and delivered faster than your competition, resulting in quick inventory turnover.


Food waste can eat up profits. Equipment breakdowns make deliveries impossible. And as tastes change, brands that are unable to innovate will be buried in a shifting consumer market.

Our goal is to reduce your equipment downtime, eliminate food waste, and help clear the way for innovation, so you can bring your products to market with speed.

With a strategic plan in place for your organization, you can produce more products, faster. You will be able to ramp up or change focus as the market demands. You can establish more consistent levels of customer service, and your consumers will enjoy higher quality, more satisfying products, every time.



Results achieved by LNA:
  • Improved Quality from 90% to 99%
  • Doubled OEE performance
  • Improved Productivity by Double Digits year over year
  • Improved On-Time Delivery from 81% to 99%
  • Establishment of a Daily Improvement Culture
  • ROI of 3 - 10x
  • Strategy Development and Deployment
    In collaboration with company leadership, we develop and implement strategic plans to maximize your production and minimize waste within your organization.

  • Executive Coaching & Daily Improvement Coaching
    We work to instill a culture of improvement within your company. Our coaches work with executives, site leadership, and individual departments to help your team become more effective leaders and agents of change.

  • Lean Enterprise Transformation Consulting
    We facilitate the development of individualized improvement programs for your enterprise. By working with your executive leadership team and team leaders, we are able to create a Lean Management System that is easily adopted and led by your leadership team and owned by the organization. Your Lean Management System becomes the vehicle to achieve your organizational objectives.

  • Organizational Development
    We help companies and their leaders navigate changing business environments and remain competitive while preserving a solid connection with team members. Our model is proven in the industry to deliver leadership and team member development and creating the right organizational structure and learning environment to align with your growth objectives.

  • Capital Plan and Design
    Plan for capital investments intelligently and effectively. Our Capital Planning and Design process provides you with the clearly defined pathways and timelines for your future growth and expansion of your operations while maintaining your technological competitive advantage, maximizing your capital budget and optimizing your footprint across the enterprise.   


  • TPM (Total Productive Maintenance)
    End the cycle of needless downtime for equipment maintenance. TPM presents a collaborative and holistic approach that prevents costly breakdowns, stops, defects, and accidents.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
    We offer complete start-to-finish merger and acquisition advising and facilitation to achieve maximum business growth, stability, and synergy.

  • 3P (Production Preparation Process)
    3P events use prototyping, modeling, and live testing of new production methods to develop breakthrough processes, technologies and products.  You will lead your industry in innovations rather than follow others innovations.  3P involves the process experts closest to your production process to speed change and develop your team of experts.

  • Lean in Product Development
    Lean methods are useful to not only production systems, but also in enhancing innovation. Lean product development clears the way for product innovation to occur more rapidly, so you can develop higher quality products in a shorter time.

We’ve used other consultants, and I have never seen someone cherish individuals and work as hard to improve people.
— Matt Reid, CEO/President, SupHerb Farms