Having a great product does not guarantee success.

Manufacturing problems, slow lead times, and frequent breakdowns can cripple a company’s ability to produce, adapt, and remain profitable in a changing industry.

Even one snag in your process can cause ripple effects large enough to sink a company.

When so much depends on finding efficiencies and maximizing production, we harness your unique potential using proven lean manufacturing tactics and our individualized Results Delivery® approach.


Improved Lead Times

Reduction in lead-times translates into market growth. Orders are filled more quickly, resulting in faster delivery and improved inventory turnover.


More Equipment Uptime

Less equipment maintenance means higher productivity, less inventory, better quality and shorter lead times.


Higher Product Quality

As quality improves, consumer trust deepens, employee morale goes up and margins are increased.


We bring years of expertise in automotive process improvement to develop strategic & organizational plans that maximize your capabilities.

Using lean techniques and a collaborative approach that inspires your team to continue improving, we transform your enterprise into one that is more profitable and ready to adapt to the industry's changing demands. By developing a deep understanding of your business, we find ways to cut waste and boost efficiencies within every part of your organization.

When realized, our strategies result in higher employee morale, double-digit productivity improvements, shortened lead times, increased inventory turnover, and higher quality products - to say nothing of larger profits..




Results achieved by LNA:
  • Improved EBIT by 75%
  • Improved Inventory Turns from 9 to 40
  • Improved Productivity by double digits year over year
  • Improved On-Time Delivery from 87% to 99%
  • Established a Daily Improvement Culture
  • ROI of 3-10x
  • Strategy Development and Deployment
    In collaboration with company leadership, we coach in the deployment of your strategic plans to achieve and sustain your goals and maximize results.
  • Organizational Development
    We help companies and their leaders navigate changing business environments and remain competitive while preserving a solid connection with team members. Our model is prove in the industry to deliver leadership and team member development by creating the right organizational structure and learning environment to align with your growth objectives.

  • Capital Plan and Design
    Plan for capital investments strategically. We will provide pathways and timelines for your enterprise to maintain and acquire the equipment you need to remain competitive.

  • Lean Enterprise Transformation Consulting
    We facilitate the development of individualized improvement programs for your enterprise. By working with your executive leadership team and team leaders, we are able to create a Lean Management System that is easily adopted and led by your leadership team and owned by the organization. Your Lean Management System becomes the vehicle to achieve your organizational objectives.

  • Executive Coaching & Daily Improvement Coaching
    We work to instill a culture of improvement within your company. Our coaches work with executives, site leadership, and individual departments to help your team become more effective leaders and agents of change.


  • TPM (Total Productive Maintenance)
    End the cycle of needless downtime for equipment maintenance. TPM presents a collaborative approach to maintenance that prevents costly breakdowns, stops, defects, and accidents.

  • Program Launch Model
    Launching one new model program is challenging.  Launching multiple programs in one location and across multiple sites can bring an organization down to its knees.  We know and understand the challenges and implication of Program Launch in the Automotive Industry.  Our team of professional Program Managers will assist in implementing the right operating system, improvements and advance methods for your enterprise to ensure on-time launches with zero defects that exceeds your cost improvement targets.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
    We offer complete start-to-finish merger and acquisition advising and facilitation to achieve maximum growth, stability, and synergy.

  • 3P (Production Preparation Process)
    3P events use prototyping, modeling, and live testing of new production methods to develop breakthrough processes, technologies and products.  You will lead your industry in innovations rather than follow others innovations.  3P involves the process experts closest to your production process to speed change and develop your team of experts.

  • Lean in Product Development
    Lean methods are useful to not only production systems, but also in speeding up innovation. Lean product development clears the way for product innovation to occur more rapidly, so you can develop more useful products in a shorter time.

LNA has come through with the expected ROIs and a solid Daily Improvement infrastructure in our business to sustain our growth. They are definitely not your typical consultants.
— Alex Ramirez, Director of Operations, VisTech Manufacturing