Whether you’re navigating a business change, re-aligning your workflow, or gearing up for the next phase of growth, we can help you successfully develop, deploy, and implement key strategic initiatives that increase your business value and keep you miles ahead of your competition.

We’ll partner with leaders in your organization to develop and deploy strategic plans across your enterprise that increase profitability, grow your operations, develop innovative products and services, and build a stronger, more collaborative team.

With a solid strategic foundation in place, you’ll achieve milestones quickly and position your enterprise to achieve sustained success for years to come. Our clients consistently uncover huge gains in their bottom line, such as achieving double-digit growth annually and ROIs of 3-10x.


Strategic Guidance to Realize Your Full Potential

  • Transition through business and market changes
  • Maximize your resources
  • Optimize performance
  • Achieve breakthrough customer service levels
  • Increase your value & profits
  • Become a greener, more sustainable organization


Achieve Measurable, Sustained Results

Chart a clear path for your organization to become more efficient, profitable, and sustainable. Using proven techniques, you can reach your operational milestones and realize continued productivity gains year over year.


Empower & Grow Your Team

A Lean Management System isn’t reserved for a select few, but rather spread throughout your entire organization via hands-on coaching that leads to transformative change from within.


Successfully navigate business and market changes

You’ll have access to a true partner with in-depth experience and proven strategies to help steer your business through every change – from focus shifts to full-scale pivots.


Key Services

  • Business Strategy
  • Organizational Development
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Sustainability And Resource Productivity
  • Enterprise Architecture/IT Strategy


Realize your strategic goals and find the breakthrough innovative solutions you need to stay ahead of the competition.

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With a strong focus on lean enterprise transformation and daily improvement, we help small businesses grow and large ones take on the world. LNA’s consultants are uniquely skilled at not only identifying areas for improvement within your organization, but also putting those changes into action so you can thrive, expand, and become a leader in your industry.

Our individualized approach delivers continuous improvement in your organization while transforming your company’s culture. You will clear the way for innovation, enabling you to develop and deploy market-leading products, on-demand and defect free, while meeting the demands of a global market.

Continuous Improvement Culture TO drive breakthrough objectives and daily improvement

  • Daily Improvement Infrastructure and Culture
  • Facility design and workflow optimization
  • New product development and innovation
  • Increased corporate value and profits
  • Improved customer service and support
  • Individualized development of leadership & team members


Grow Sales & Increase Customer Value Proposition

Lean Management System and Daily Improvement culture helps achieve double-digit improvements on your True North Metrics, year over year. Daily improvement strategies enable you to maximize resources, eliminate waste, and secure a more profitable future for your enterprise. You’ll uncover key efficiencies to deliver faster operational and breakthrough performance levels.


Achieve sustained growth and expansion

Many businesses implement lean concepts in fits and starts, which is not sustainable. We set you up for real, scalable growth with a clear, pragmatic roadmap. In parallel with your operations improvement, we work with your sales organization to develop roadmaps and strategies to grow the business and take advantage of your operational breakthrough improvements.


Empower your staff to become agents of change

Lean Management and Operational Excellence systems quickly become your own and are fully led by your internal team. Your staff is coached and encouraged at all levels and given the tools to become agents of change within your organization.


Key Services

  • Enterprise Lean Transformation
  • Daily Improvement Infrastructure
  • Lean Management Systems (LMS)
  • Organizational Development and Structure
  • Business Expansion & Growth
  • New Product & Process Development
  • Footprint Layout And Design
  • Customized Certifications Programs

Begin your personalized plan to achieve operational excellence in your enterprise.

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When it comes to coaching key leaders, we provide the Advisory Services your organization needs. We provide coaching for your c-suite, executive/site leadership, and operational excellence team to ensure your enterprise is self-guided and successful.



Leading North Advisors leads coaching targeted at enterprise strategy execution and sharpening leadership talent.  We provide a "Personal" Coach for the CEO and the C-Suite to navigate the execution of your strategies and managing change. 

Executive and Site Leadership

Our Executive Coaches will coach your executive and site leadership team in becoming more effective leaders and agents of change.  

Operational Excellence Team

When you have an established Lean/OPEX team infrastructure, we will coach your Lean/OPEX team to become extraordinary leaders who can coach improvements more efficiently and effectively lead your organization’s leadership team.


Leading North Advisors analyzes your organization to find the key components of your strategy and growth. This can include financial and environmental assessments as well as operations and organizational development.


Enterprise Transformation Maturity

We’ll help you understand the overall enterprise maturity in the various business facets to ensure full alignment with your business strategy execution.



We conduct financial assessments in order to keep your business focused and profitable. We analyze company efficiency and provide comprehensive assessments to promote improvement.



Environmental assessments are integral to analyzing company efficiency. A green business facilitates savings for a business over time, and we can determine the most beneficial move for your organization.



We can assess your business operations, analyzing how you provide product, how you make product, or how you provide your services. Our operations assessments can tell you your ability to effectively work in your field.


Organizational Development

When we assess organizational development, we compare your organizational structure alignment against your business strategy and growth. We can tell you if your business is structured to meet today’s strategy and if you’re projected to meet growth estimations and requirements.

Small Business Solutions

It’s especially important for small businesses to develop strategies. Quickly and effectively reaching market growth can make a significant impact on smaller businesses. We help to develop strategies that deliver growth, people development, and double digit improvement in your performance measures.


We offer:

  •  Enterprise Growth Strategy
  •  Leadership and Team Development
  •  Exit Strategy
  •  Financial Structure
  •  Operational Structure
  •  Sales Strategy
  •  IT Solutions